What gave you the idea to create Arpie?

When I first started playing Arpie, there was way less info out there to help players figure out the game. One of the first resources I found was a tier list ranking some characters in game. To make things easier for my self I decided to make a bot that could help me search the tier list from Discord, instead of scrolling through 300+ rows on a spreadsheet!

Are you the arena master?

I am Orcinus, destroyer of teams! Haha, but seriously I avoid the arena for quite some time. Once I started trying some new teams and strategiesI finally made it up through the ranks.

Why join the team?

Bot labs has some of the biggest bots and most creative devs on Discord. They have gotten me access to much more resources than I ever had on my own, and I am able to pick top creators brains, instead of googling days on end.

What is something you enjoy nerding out on?

Most technology related things actually, but it usually come back around to games. My wife got me a fitness watch for Christmas one year, when I found out I could code my own watch face, I had to make it look like a Fallout pip boy right?

What’s your favorite food?

Texas BBQ