What gave you the idea to start Ayana?

Back when I started Ayana the bot scene was very new, she came from a place of need as there wasn’t a bot that did everything I wanted. At the time I also wanted to further my skills as a developer and knowledge in javascript.

Ayana has a fun personality… how did she get here?

Some little known trivia: Ayana first started off as `Dvfl Bot`, yeah I know right what was I thinking, I quickly realized I needed a better name and after some brainstorming with friends eventually came up with Ayana. As I like cute things and anime especially I also decided it would be fun to give her some personality and try to make her an anime girl.

Why join the team?

I’ve changed Jobs a lot over the years, I attempted to go full time Ayana before and ended up working night shifts at a hotel to supplement my income. Also having to constantly worry about Ayana’s uptime and maintenance was very stressful. Thanks to joining the team I can finally work on Ayana fulltime without stress of bills and uptime.

What’s your favorite coding language? Or something that you can really nerd out on?

I’ve been really fascinated by Rust recently. I’m still quite new to the language but I like many things about it. After fighting with the garbage collector of NodeJS in the past I find the ownership and borrowing system a very elegant solution to this problem. The language also has a lot of developer candy, pattern matching is amazing, I love being able to assign a variable to an expression, etc.

Favorite food

There is a restaurant in my city and I absolutely love their Teriyaki Steak Bento Box, with fried rice and onion soup. They don’t always get it perfect but when they do I’m in heaven.