What gave you the idea to create Gamestats?

There were bots that existed for individual games but some games I played weren’t covered and I didn’t really want to have 10 different bots all with their own, different, command interfaces. They also had inconsistent features and some didn’t remember who you were so had to enter your in-game details every time. I thought up Gamestats as a way to unify different games and give yourself a consistent, persistent game profile that you can use wherever the bot is present.

Are you a gaming wizard?

Quite honestly, no. I’ve played plenty of games in my time of all manner of genres but I would never have called myself amazing at any. The only one I was ever any good at was Counter Strike 1.5 but that’s probably because the people I played with at the local LAN cafe were just really bad.

Why join the team?

The premise of working with other bot developers to create a platform, share expertise and expand Gamestats further really appealed to me. Having a team to discuss future plans with and brain storm ideas with would only make Gamestats better.

What’s your favorite thing to nerd out on?

Solving problems that don’t really need solving with dumb programs, scripts or a throwaway bots. I’ve lost count of the random things I’ve poured time into just for the fun of it, from a program to track my homes electricity usage (before that kind of thing was mainstream) to a Discord bot where people could submit their Advent of Code solutions to to verify their output. I’m not happy unless I’m working on multiple things at a time.

Favorite food

Can’t go wrong with a good sausage, from the simple fair in a breakfast sausage sandwich or an authentic German wurst in a delicious curry wurst.