What gave you the idea to start Yag?

I was running a community way back and I was using mee6 at the time but it lacked customization and moderation tools, so one weekend I was bored and decided to make it… and yeah, kept adding more things on it from that point and here we are!

Yag is like a robot full of fireworks…have robots invaded the earth?

For all we know we may be living inside a simulation crafted by aliens, so yeah why not.

Why join the team?

I’ve been doing freelance game development work for a couple years beforehand, but I didn’t enjoy it as much and it didn’t pay well so I tried to pivot to doing some freelance discord bot hosting and dev work which there was a surprising demand for… but still not enough for full time work. So I was tired of not having reliable work when I got a proposal which essentially let me get paid reliably to work on the stuff i enjoy and with interesting people, i accepted it off course 🙂

What’s your favorite coding language? Or something that you can really nerd out on?

My current fascination is the RC hobby, radio controlled “toys” like planes and drones, building them, flying them, crashing them (build, fly, crash, repeat as we call it). You have a camera in the front of the drone and a video transmitter, then you have VR-like goggles with the drones live video feed so you can pilot the drone from the drone’s perspective and it feels like you’re a pilot, zooming past obstacles at over 100KM/h and doing tricks. There’s also drone racing which I haven’t really tried out yet but I wanna try badly as my skill improves.

Favorite food

uhhhh spaghetti, ima go with spaghetti